Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Kehebatan" Virus

Hari ni aku nak kongsi beberapa posting berkenaan kesan virus nih.
Antaranya :

  • Indian government computers hit by Chinese spyware attack?
    "In May 2008, senior government officials in New Delhi blamed China for attacks that were alleged to have targeted the MEA and the National Informatics Centre (NIC)." (More....)

  • Court halted by fast-spreading virus
    "Houston Municipal Court in Texas has had its operations shut down since last week because of a virus that has infected over 400 of its computers, according to media reports." (More....)

  • Fast-infecting polymorphic virus causing a stir
    "We’ve been seeing a lot of activity from a new polymorphic mid-infecting virus, W32/Scribble-A. While this new family has quite a lot in common with members of the older Vetor and Virut families of viruses, the main code looks to have undergone a fairly major overhaul." (More....)

  • VIRUX Cases Escalate
    "Typical file infectors choose any of the following infection styles:
    • cavity - the virus inserts its code into available spaces within the normal file
    • appending - the virus inserts its code after the normal file’s code
    • prepending - the virus inserts its code before the normal file’s code
    • entry-point obscuring - a complex infection technique used to evade immediate detection" (More....)
Setakat tu je la aku kongsi kali nih. Yg pasal VIRUX ni aku x brape paham + x brape tahu sangat. Kena study dulu jenis amende nih.


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