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Top 10 Antivirus 2008

Boring² duduk saje ni aku merajinkan diri untuk cari info pasal Top 10 Antivirus untuk tahun 2008. Kali ni terjumpa 1 website yg buat ranking nih. Berkemungkinan besar ranking yg die buat ni boleh diterima. Kalau aku sendiri nak test satu² mmg xde nye. Mane mau cari modal nak beli satu² antivirus tu. Kalau nak lebih syok....1 antivirus untuk 1 komputer. Senang la nak wat comparison. Ni kire aku cedok dari web org laen yer. Check la list kat bawah nih :

  1. The Shield Deluxe. The Shield Deluxe 2008 combines reactive virus protection and spyware detection methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer with the most effective protection against malicious programs. The product is simple to install and set up, while offering advanced users a range of versatile settings for fine-tuning the program.

  2. CA anti-virus software. CA anti-virus software has such a nice, clean interface with what seems to be a very high “install and forget rating”. There is no overload of information and choices on the interface which is good. Clean and simple, the way anti-virus software should be! CA Anti-virus’s main software component runs at less than 13mb RAM which is pretty light and my overall system scan was pretty fast.

  3. BitDefender. The best way to defend your computer against computer viruses, spyware, hackers and spam is BitDefender 2008. BitDefender 2008 is an exceptional product with a user–friendly interface that scans all existing files on your computer as well as all incoming and outgoing emails, IM transfers and all other network traffic.

  4. Norton Anti-Virus Software 2008. Norton, one of the leaders in security software, offers viable antivirus protection. The software is easy to use and has wide-ranging security features to protect your PC from malicious programs. Some of this protection includes instant messaging scanning, script blocking and POP3 and SMTP email protection. But, this software does not provide protection from P2P or file sharing transfers.

  5. Kaspersky. Kaspersky Lab, program used to identify and remove potential risks and malicious programs attempting to corrupt files and data on a computer. Real-time email scanning & automatic hourly updates; Rootkit and keylogger protection.

  6. NOD32. The NOD32 anti-virus software by ESET is a novel virus program that provides real-time protection against worms, trojans, spyware, malware, phishing and hackers. Nod32 has two different ways to run the program. You can run a simple Nod32 scan or you can spend more time using the control center. Within the control center you can have access to tons of customization feature and different types of scans-DMON, IMON, EMON and more.

  7. Panda. Panda Antivirus making protecting your personal computer as easy as possible. Free automatic updates. Powerful blockage from hijackers, keyloggers, intruders, and hackers. Panda’s Antivirus software comes with an virus and spyware protection. Panda allows you to block, delete, clean, and quarantine infected files and does not slow your pc down during virus scans which is helpful to those constantly on your PC

  8. McAfee. McAfee is an industry leader in computer protection and VirusScan is their #1 defense against viruses. This software comes with a ScriptStopper, to stop viruses to spread from one computer to another via email, and WormStopper. Some downsides to the program are that it does not offer instant message protection, P2P/file sharing protection or registry startup protection. McAfee offers an 800 number, however it’s going to cost you and good luck finding the number.

  9. TrendMicro - (Pc-Cillin). Anti-virus has protocols for protecting PCs against viruses, worms and trojan horses as well as spyware, rootkits and malware. It scans incoming files real–time, including emails, downloads and files from portable storage devices. You can also schedule scans, run customized scans or conduct a scan on demand. Trend Micro’s Anti-virus plus Anti-spyware now gives its customers the tools it needs to battle malicious spyware, amongst things like trojans, hackers, worms, and adware.

  10. F-Secure Anti-Virus. Does thoroughly scan your PC for viruses, and has a built-in anti-spyware scanner. One or the other or both can be run to cut down on scan times. Moreover, the program scans outgoing and incoming email in real-time, does a great job of shielding your registry against probable hijackers and controls which programs startup automatically. F-Secure has a news section that can be used to sign up for virus alerts and updates of what is going on in the virus world.

Rumusan aku :
  • Antivirus kegemaran aku (Kaspersky) rank 5. Cedih2... Aku memang suke benor ngan antivirus nih. Aku dah 3 tahun lebih pakai. So far xde masalah dari segi loading/background process die. Pc aku pun x berat.
  • Ranking antivirus x tetap sangat sebenarnye. Ada masa naik ade masa turun. Nasihat aku guna antivirus yg x membebankan pc korang. Nanti xde la lag or pc lembab.
  • Elemen asas untuk keselamatan komputer korang ade 3 jerk. Ini ikut pengalaman aku la. Ape yg perlu ade dalam pc korang ialah antivirus...firewall...spyware/adware remover. Yg ni pun di kira agak memadai la. Sesuai untuk home user.
  • Lagi 1 perkara penting...sentiasa la update antivirus korang. Kalau x update x menjadi jgk antivirus tuh.


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Testing komen

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gune AVIRA.
takde dlm senarai.


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Itu untukk tahun 2008. Yg tahun 2009 ni x kuar lagi. Tp kalau nak tengok perbandingan antara antivirus² yg ade...boleh check kat cni:
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